English Menu

All prices in Euro.


Potato soup with vegan sausage  5,60

tasty Goulash soup    6,40

original Bavarian Liver dumpling soup  5,40


With every soup we serve country bread!

Hearty Delicacies 

Freshly baked pretzel4  2,80

choose: with lard, butter or obazda   3,80

Bavarian sausage salad3,4

little spicy, served with onions, tomatoes and fresh country bread   10,50


(homemade bavarian cheese spread)

with caraway, onions and paprika, dressed good and solid and served with country bread   9,50 

‘Strammer Max’4

country bread with ham or raw ham and 2 fried eggs   10,20 

2 Bavarian veal sausages9

with freshly baked pretzel and Bavarian sweet mustard   8,50 

Homemade Aspic4

with fried potatoes and fried egg   8,50

Curry sausage with chips   8,50

Schnitzel-Greeting from Bavaria

Pork Schnitzel “You’re favourite”

“Viennese”, “huntsman”, “gypsy” or “pepper” served with chips   14,50

Schnitzel “Kaserer style”

pork schnitzel gratinated with camembert, served with fried potatoes and cranberry pear   15,50

Steaks & Burger

Alp steak

juicy pork steak with fried onions, fried potatoes and side salad   16,50

Rump steak

with fried onions, herb butter and fried potatoes   26,50

+ peppersacue     + 2,90


Bastis Stadl Burger

200 g beef, gratinated with brie, spicy onion jelly, tomato and

served in a rustic bun with chips   15,20

„Stadl Veggie Burger“

vegan burger with fresh rocket, cucumber and tomato compote

served in a pumkin-bun with sweet potato fries and vegan mayonnaise   14,20


Warm Delicacies

Small baked potatos

with sour cream and salad garnish   9,20

with pulled chicken   12,20

roasted Trout fillet

with homemade potato-cucumber-salad   14,80

Nuremberg grilled sausage3

six original Nuremberg grilled sausages served on tasty sauerkraut and fried potatoes   11,50

Grilled meat loaf “Bavarian style”4

with tasty fried potatoes and fried egg   10,80

Willinger spit roast4

with potato-cucumber-salad   13,90

Bavarian knuckle3,4

crispy knuckle on tasty sauerkraut served with a homemade bread dumpling   18,90

“Bavarian delicacy plate”3,4

meat loaf, Nuremberg grilled sausage, little knuckle, liver dumpling on sauerkraut with bread dumpling   17,90

‘Giant’ bread dumpling

our speciality served with tasty woodland mushroom ragout   12,50

Big salad plate “Bavaria Stadl”3,4,5

fresh seasonal salads with chicken strips, cranberries and crispy baguette   12,20

Cheese spaetzle (kind of noodles)

with fried onions   11,20

To order extra

 side salad, sauerkraut (white cabbage, wine, table salt) or vegetables    3,80

chips  3,20

dippers with sour cream   4,50

sweet potato fries   4,50

sour cream   1,10

Tarte Flambee

(kind of ‘French pizza’ made from a very thin layer of pastry topped with different ingredients)

“classic”4 with leek and bacon   9,20

with tomato, mozzarella and fresh rocket   9,80

Something Sweet

Freshly baked apple strudel

with hot vanilla sauce or vanilla ice-cream   5,80


(sweet cut-up pancake with raisins)

with cranberry cream or apple puree   7,20

with stewed plums and vanilla sauce    8,20


A big variety of cakes can be served from the neighbour cake shop – please ask our team.

Our meals can contain allergenic substances. Please ask our team.

1. containing caffeine   2. with artificial colouring   3. with artificial sweetener: Cyclamat, Saccharin, Aspartam

4. with preservatives   5. with taurine   6. with antioxidants   7. with flavour enhancer   8. containing quinine   9. with phosphate

Kids Menu

"Robber" Plate

steal some food from the dish of your parents

The Simpsons

Beef Burger in a bun with dippers (potato chips)   5,90

Veggie Burger in a bun with dippers (potato chips)   5,90


Four Sausages with fried potatoes and cucumber salad   4,90


Little Schnitzel with chips and tomato salad   4,90

Kids Plate

Noodles with bolognese or tomato sauce   4,20

Captain Bluebear

Four Fish Fingers with chips   4,20

Pippi Longstocking

Fresh Kaiserschmarrn (sweet cut-up pancake with raisins) with apple puree   3,90

Kids Drink

0,2 litre   1,90